32 Unicorn Gift Ideas for Unicorn Lovers

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Coming up with unicorn gift ideas for a unicorn lovers is not too difficult. There are many unicorn items to choose from and for the most part, unicorn lovers love almost anything unicorn themed. You may think that unicorns are childish, but unicorns are so unique that even many adults still love unicorns. They have a magical and unique association around them. There are only a few of them out there, so they remain mysterious. The love of unicorns is currently very popular and is even associated with technology companies (startups) that grow very quickly. Whether or not unicorns really existed on this planet, it will never go out of fashion. Once a unicorn lover, most likely, always a unicorn lover.

Below are the best unicorn gift ideas for unicorn lovers that are both adults and children from our website and around the web. Enjoy!


1. Gold Chain Purple Hair White Unicorn Pendant Necklace 


This magical unicorn necklace for unicorn lovers comes with a big gold chain that has bling and pops out! It is the perfect gift for a teenager or adult that like likes a little bling in their outfit. It can go well with any color, however, I think this would look great wearing an all black shirt to really show it off. This is awesome for a youthful unicorn lover.

Price: $12.99 - Get it via TPUse “BLOG” for a 10% discount! 

2. Unicorn Hollow Stud Metal Earrings (Gold or Silver) 

Unicorn Hollow Stud Metal Earrings (Gold and Silver) 


These unicorn earrings are super adorable. It's an item for a someone who does not like flashy things. The earrings are noticeable but subtle enough that they won't distract you from a beautiful face or hairstyle. These metal earrings are good for all ages and will never go out of style!!
Price: $8.99 - Get it via TPUse “BLOG” for a 10% discount!  

3. Cute Star Unicorn Handbag with Gold Zippers

Cute Star Unicorn Handbag with Gold Zippers

This purse is so cute that whoever you give it to will appreciate it's cuteness. (Well, almost anyone!) It comes in two colors, pink or sky blue.  The gold zippers, gold lining, and gold star really stand out against the bright color of the purse.  What's great about this purse as a gift, is if someone decides they no longer like unicorns, they could take the unicorn off the purse. (But who would do that?)

Price: $37.99 - Get it via TPUse “BLOG” for a 10% discount! 

4. Girl's Unicorn Dress

Jxstar Girl's Unicorn Dress

With seven different colors and unicorn patterns to choose from, this is a pretty dress for a young unicorn fanatic. It is colorful and somewhat traditional. Dresses are not in fashion like they used to be, so having a unicorn dress will make that child even more unique.  Get this dress for the cute girl that just loves them some attention.

Price: $8.99 - $19.99 - Get it via Amazon 

5. Unicorn Marquee Battery Light with 10 Warm White LEDs Home Decoration

Unicorn Marquee Battery Light with 10 Warm White LEDs Home Decoration

The unicorn night light is great because you don't have to wear it or have it on all the time. It could be used for party's or just to have in the corner of your bedroom or even the closet! There is something cool about this light, probably because it is not just a basic light. It's a UNICORN LIGHT! 

Price: $16.99 - Get it via Amazon

6. Giant Inflatable Unicorn Pool Float


Giant Inflatable Unicorn Pool Float

As I'm writing this it is 90+ degrees outside. All I can think about is the pool. If you know someone that loves to lounge in the water, this floaty is perfect for them. It looks good to take pictures with and is big enough to sit on in the water, without actually being all the way in the water (that's what a floaty does, I know). One of the amazing summer unicorn gift ideas for a unicorn lover. We have more awesome animal floats in this blog post.

Price: $44.99 - Get it via TP - Use “BLOG” for a 10% discount! 

7. Summer Swimming Pool Floating Inflatable Unicorn Cup Holder

Summer Swimming Pool Floating Inflatable Unicorn Cup Holder 

This cup holder compliments the flotation device above. It is fabulous for hot summer days in the pool to put a cold soda or an adult beverage in. For the kids though, it could also be excellent while having some bathtub fun. Not only is this item cute, but very useful.
Price: $9.99 - Get it via TPUse “BLOG” for a 10% discount! 

8. Unicorn Hooded Fleece Sweatshirt  

Unicorn Hooded Fleece Sweatshirt

This is one of our best sellers here at Tenacious Peacock. People love this sweatshirt! You can't go wrong giving this to a young unicorn. If they don't like attention wearing this outside in the real world, it is great as casual house hoodie. It comes in two colors, pink and blue.  If you also know a person into raving (the electronic dance music events), they could really enjoy wearing this at an event.

Price: $21.99 - Get it via TP - Use “BLOG” for a 10% discount! 


9. Shiny Unicorn Horn Glitter Elastic Headband

This is another adorable child's item that is so cute for birthday parties, Halloween or just wearing during dress-up and plays. Guaranteed the young one would like this. What's interesting though, adults could use it for the same purposes! They could go to a costume party, Halloween, or, as mentioned earlier, at a rave (an electronic dance music event.) 

Price: $7.99 - Get it via Amazon

10. Kid's Unicorn Pajama Hooded Onesie 

This item is another one of Tenacious Peacock's best sellers. Having some pajamas to wear at night is one of those fashion statements of the youthful. These comfy hooded unicorn pajama onesies are absolutely perfect for a birthday or Christmas gift. Look at 21 Awesome Animal Onesies for Kids to see more kid's onesies.
 Price: $19.99 - Get it via TP Use “BLOG” for a 10% discount! 

11. Unicorn Full Face Head Mask 


Unicorn Full Face Head Mask


The full head mask is one of those extremely unique and creepy items that will only be worn on special occasions. It would be great for someone who likes to pull pranks on people or who likes randomly wearing weird items. This item is definitely not for everyone, however, it is a great gag gift for almost anyone. Also, maybe give as a Secret Santa gift? To see more animal head masks, check out 30 Funny and Creepy Animal Head Masks.

Price: $18.99 - Get it via TP - Use “BLOG” for a 10% discount! 

12. Unicorn Adult Pajama Onesie with Hood

Unicorn Adult Pajama Onesie with Hood

One of the unicorn gift ideas that have multiple uses. It can be used as adult pajamas, for costume parties, or for raves (they love onesies at raves). This will put a smile on whoever's face you gift it to. It comes in both pink and blue. This cozy unicorn adult onesie a great gift for any adult unicorn lover. For more onesies, check out our blog post 31 Cute Animal Onesies for Adults.

Price: $23.99 - Get it via TPUse “BLOG” for a 10% discount!  

13. Metallic Unicorn Stemless Wine Glass Set

Metallic Unicorn Stemless Wine Glass Set

Another one of the awesome adult unicorn gift ideas. However, it can be good for juice or soda for a young one. I personally think these are best used for a nice glass of wine. Everyone has plain wine glasses or some generic company label on them. Why not get someone a gift of unicorn wine glasses? It would be great to give combined with the item below too!

Price: $16.00 - Get it via Urban Outfitters

14. Sacred Purity Unicorn Wine Holder


This is one of the coolest most amazing epic wine holders in existence. A unicorn on it's back drinking a bottle of wine? You can't beat this for any wine lover. Well, you might want to make sure they are a unicorn lover too. It could a pretty funny gift to give anyway.

Price: $16.65 - Get it via Amazon

15. Velvet Unicorn Choker Set 


Chokers are in! They are very in right now and so are unicorns. Why not combine the two? It is both fashionable and unique. Some people like it simple, but if they are a unicorn lover they may be a little more unique and will appreciate this. It is also a cute vibrant pink color!

Price: $7.90 - Get it via Forever 21 

16. Smiling Gold Unicorn Indoor Home Toe Slippers

 Smiling Gold Unicorn Indoor Home Toe Slippers


 Slippers are great for someone who loves to lounge around the house. They are comfortable and look adorable. With sizes ranging from kid to adult, these fluffy slippers are right for a homebody unicorn lover. They are also very comfy, you may want to grab these for yourself too!

Price :$14.99 - Get it via TPUse “BLOG” for a 10% discount!

17. Magical Unicorn of the Stars Fleece Blanket

Magical Unicorn with Stars Fleece Blanket

Blankets have are always useful. Staying warm cuddled on the couch, adding color and style to your room, or even can be great for a picnic. This blanket would be great for someone who loves to watch Netflix, drink tea, and snuggle on the couch during the winter. This unicorn fleece blanket comes in three different sizes that any size unicorn enthusiast will relish.

Price: $45.99 - Get it via TPUse “BLOG” for a 10% discount!  


18. Graphic Majestic Unicorn Throw Pillows

Graphic Majestic Unicorn Throw Pillows


There are fourteen different styles and five different sizes to choose from, each looking beautiful and majestic.  The same graphic is printed on each side of each pillow. Who doesn't like having decorative pillows (with unicorns on them) in their bedroom? If it's gift for a kid, it may be one of those pillows they take with them throughout life. (I have one of those!)

Price: $12.99 - Get it via TPUse “BLOG” for a 10% discount!  

19. Pink Unicorn Drawstring Bags

Pink Unicorn Drawstring Bags (17 styles available) 


These bags are funny, cute, and useful!! They are better as a small day pack rather than a book bag. The drawstring bags can be great to carry athletic gear to the gym or accessories in place of a purse. There five unicorn bags available, along with many more funny and youthful styles to choose from. With this amazing price, why not give a person multiple bags? 

Price: $6.99 - Get it via TPUse “BLOG” for a 10% discount!  

20. Unicorn Low-cut Ankle Socks

Unicorn Low-cut Ankle Socks 

I love these! They are soo adorable. There are twenty-one styles available and they are extremely cheap! If you are to gift a unicorn lover these, you might as well get them a few different pairs. They only come in one size and it runs small, so these items would probably be best for a kid unicorn activists. 

Price: $2.99 - Get it via TP - Use “BLOG” for a 10% discount!  

21. I'm Magical Farting Rainbow Unicorn Shirt

 I'm Magical Farting Rainbow Unicorn Shirt

A unicorn farting a rainbow is too hilarious! Giving this gift to someone could be a complete gag gift but actually, many unicorn lovers would wear this. It is magical and slightly provocative. This t-shirt is available for men, women, and youth sizes. 

Price: $18.95 - Get it via Amazon

22. I'm So Fancy Unicorn Emoji T-shirt


Are you looking for a gift for a raised nose unicorn activist? Then this is the best gift for her or him. It is cute and bold at the same time. It comes in sizes for men, women, and youth along with a variety of colors to choose from.

Price: $18.99 - Get it via Amazon

23. Cat with Gun on Unicorn Shower Curtain 

Cat with Gun on Unicorn Shower Curtain

Unicorn gift ideas are for all parts of your life! What makes this shower curtain so cool is not just that there is a unicorn, but how ridiculous it is. It is pretty awesome. There is a cat with a gun riding a unicorn with a pixelated rainbow and castle in the background. It is just so crazy, funny and cool. This is a gift for a kid or teenager that likes to be different, as this shower curtain is definitely different. To see more animal shower curtains, check out 31 Animal Shower Curtain Ideas.

Price: $32.99 - Get it via TP - Use “BLOG” for a 10% discount!  

24. Unicorn Shower Cap

NPW Unicorn Shower Cap

The unicorn shower cap could go with the unicorn shower curtain, however, this one is less provocative. People are rarely going to see a person wearing a shower cap. It's nice because the person can enjoy this in private. Due to the horn, it might not be the best product for really tall people who have short shower heads or ceilings. (I'm pretty tall, I would know.)

Price: $13.29 - Get it via Amazon


25. CamelBak eddy Kids .4L Water Bottle 

CamelBak eddy Kids .4L Water Bottle

Camelbak is a great brand. It is even greater that they make a unicorn themed water bottle. It is a little small for adults unless you are using it for adult beverages. For a child, this is amazing to take to school to show off to their friends. Ultimately, it's cute and adorable.

Price: $9.98 - Get it via Amazon

26. ThinkGeek 3D Unicorn Mug

3D Unicorn Mug


ThinkGeek has some really cool items. This is one is one of the better ones because it is unicorn themed. It is great for kids or for coffee and tea lovers. Mugs are a good gift because they are useful and usually people enjoy having a variety to choose from. Unicorns and rainbows are amazing on any item really.
Price: $13.93 - Get it via Amazon 

27. Unicorn Travel Mug

Unicorn Travel Mug

Do you know a late starter, always rushing out the door? This coffee travel mug is perfect for them. Also, the price is right! It is unicorn, rainbow, and star themed. It is absolutely fabulous! The reviews show it is good quality and great for hot beverages.

Price: $6.59 - Get it via Amazon

28. Rhinestone Crystal Leather Tassel Unicorn Key Chain 

 Getting something that can be used every day is a smart gift. This is a great option to add to a set of keys or even to a backpack zipper. More of a youthful product, but some adulting unicorn lovers may use these for a spare set of keys. Studded with rhinestone crystals it really stands out and will make it very difficult to lose your keys.

Price: $7.99 - Get it via TPUse “BLOG” for a 10% discount!  

29. Enchantmints Unicorn Music Jewelry Box

Enchantments Unicorn Music Jewelry Box

 This is just so adorable. The unicorn rotates and plays music when it opens. The box is also very sturdy, so there isn't much need to worry about it getting damaged. The music box is marvelous for a young little girl that will probably remember for the rest of her life.

Price: $14.52 - Get it via Amazon

30. Unicorn Mesh Trucker Hat

Unicorn Mesh Trucker Hat

An absolutely fabulous hat! Rainbow and unicorn trucker hat is just amazing.  It is a great gift for someone who supports the LGBT community (and we do!). It comes in different colors and is adjustable to fit different head sizes. Did I say this hat was amazing?!?!

Price: $12.95 - Get it via Amazon

31. Rainbow Pink White Unicorn Head Throw Pillow

Rainbow Pink White Unicorn Head Throw Pillow 

This adorable plush pillow for kids will bring a smile to a young child's face. It is so cute that it even brings a smile to my face right now. It is soft and will look great in any bedroom. It's small enough that one can carry it around the house and use it as a toy. Unicorn kids absolutely will love this item. 

Price: $15.99 - Get it via TP - Use “BLOG” for a 10% discount!  


32. Bag of Unicorn Farts (Cotton Candy)

Bag of Unicorn Farts (Cotton Candy) 

This is 100% magical! And it tastes magical! I mean, why wouldn't unicorn farts taste good? This is one of my favorite unicorn gift ideas because not only will unicorn lovers love it but also anyone that likes sweets will think it's hilarious.

Price: 9.95 - Get it via Amazon



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