24 Adorable Stuffed Teddy Bears To Get As Gifts

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Stuffed teddy bears are the some of the best presents you can get for valentines day for your significant other or for your awesome kids!

A stuffed teddy bear gift was awesome to receive and play with when I was a kid. I'd create whole scenarios and have them fight each other. Yes, I had a wild imagination. I can imagine many kids today still do and I hope they still play with stuffed animals! Since Toys'R'Us closed, it represents that more and more kids are going online instead of playing with toys. Parents are spending more on technology than toys. Hopefully, if you are looking at this blog post then you are someone that wants kids to experience more than just a world of technology.

Another reason to get a stuffed animal is to give to your significant other. See our Animal Valentines Gifts Blog to get some awesome animal valentines gift ideas for your SO animal lover. There are some very cute teddy bears that signify romance, but you may want to get a box of chocolates and some flowers as well! 

Besides using teddy bears as a gift of appreciation, you may be looking for apology presents. A cute teddy bear can do that. And don't think that teddy bears are just for kids, I love a nice teddy bear. Some people collect them!

Do you know why teddy bears are named 'teddy' bears? It is because they were created and named after the 26th President of the United States of America, Theodore Rosevelt. It happened on a bear hunting trip ( ☹️) in 1902 where Rosevelt refused to shoot a bear but told someone else to shoot it and it became a political cartoon in the Washinton Post. Morris Michtom saw this and was inspired to create the teddy bear! And crazy enough it caught on! A staple in may children's lives around the world.

Writing up this list makes me want to get a teddy bear again. They all look so soft and comfy to cuddle with.

1. Batman Stuffed Teddy BearsBatman Stuffed Teddy Bear

Dananana nananana Batman! This is awesome and so adorable. This would have been amazing to have as a kid.

2. Sweet and Softer Ping Panda

Sweet and Softer Ping Panda
Pandas are adorable and seem so peaceful compared to other types of bears. They enjoy rolling around and eating tons of bamboo. Getting your child this teddy bear gift will help keep a peaceful presence in their room.

3. Small Coco Bear Plush

Small Coco Bear Plush
Simple and great for a present to give to your significant other or your child on valentines day or during the holidays! That bow makes it slightly more special.

4. Slumbers Teddy Bear Stuffed Animal

Slumbers Teddy Bear Stuffed Animal
One of the daddy stuffed teddy bears! Even though bears have fur all over, the light patch on this one's hair looks like man chest hair! But this could also be a girl teddy bear, it's up to you!

5. Giant Life-Size Teddy Bear

Giant Stuffed Teddy Bear
Looks like a teddy bear that you'd get a carnival after playing the water gun game for 2 hours. So get this for your SO or child as a gift of appreciation! Looks so big, like it would get up and walk away.

6. Giant Love Bear

Giant Love Bear
Wow, this one is big!! Playing with big stuffed animals like these were some amazing times as a kid! Almost like real friends, when my real friends weren't around. Also, it is just like having a bed that you can sleep on anywhere you take it!

7. Giant Polar Bear - Lifelike Stuffed Animal

Giant Polar Bear - Lifelike Stuffed Animal
Woah, a stuffed animal that stands up on its feet! That is pretty cool. I remember only seeing stuffed animals that sat on their behinds. The fact this is a polar bear too is really cool. Polar bears are endangered too, so getting this teddy bear gift is a great way to drop some knowledge on polar bears.

8. Huge Teddy Bear - Tan

Huge Teddy Bear - Tan
Some of these stuffed bears are repetitive, but it is just a slightly different style and color to other ones. Maybe you are drawn towards this color, rather than the other ones on this list. There are so many cool stuffed teddy bears to choose from!

9. Zag Teddy Bear Stuffed Animal

Zag Teddy Bear Stuffed Animal
This one is different, with long limbs and a curious face and of course the grey and black stripes. It has a unique adorable look to it. When looking for a teddy bear gift, I was drawn to this one as being different and really liking it.

10. Koala Plush, Grey

Koala Plush, Grey
Koala bears! We can't forget about the different bears from around the world. This is one of the classic epic Beanie Babies that sometimes have become collector's items. It is small and cute, like a real Koala bear.

11. Light Up LED Teddy Bear Stuffed Animal

Light Up LED Teddy Bear Stuffed Animal
Glow in the dark! So cool. Hopefully, your kids won't stay up too late with these shining bright at night. Or these could make for some good night lights, but then the battery would wear down quickly. Pretty nice to add to the collection.
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12. Teddy Bear 11"

Teddy Bear 11"
Little baby stuffed teddy bear are so adorable. It just keeps the most adorable face that it could possibly make. This is a great teddy bear gift to give to your significant other as an 'I'm so sorry' gift. She will see this, then try and then you should try to make this face also if you can, and she will have to forgive you!

13. I'm the Big Sister T-Shirt Teddy Bear Stuffed Animal

I'm the Big Sister T-Shirt Teddy Bear Stuffed Animal
Big sister gift! When the younger sibling is born, the older sibling can feel left out at times, but keeping the older sibling involved is a great way to make them still feel special. A big sister will always be the big sister, don't forget it!

14. I love you Valentines Day Heart Bear Stuffed Animal

I love you Valentines Day Heart Bear Stuffed Animal
A classic teddy bear gift for Valentines Day. Telling someone that you love them is one of the greatest ways to show appreciation to them. Love is so powerful and so great to share with other people. Spread your love!
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15. Chocolate Teddy Bear Stuffed Animal

Chocolate Teddy Bear Stuffed Animal
A different color teddy bear that looks adorable. This one has that cute look also. That look that makes you want to just hug it! Keeping this one on the bed or couch as decoration will just make the room that it is in, much cuter. The cuteness level will go to a whole other level.

16. Polar Bear - White

15.5 inch Polar Bear - White
Another polar bear! If you have a child that loves the snow, then this will keep her or him cool and be thinking of the snow all year around. Stuffed teddy bears that sit this way are very cute.

17. Long Legged Teddy Bear Stuffed Animal

Long Legged Teddy Bear Stuffed Animal
Long Legged Lilly or Long Legged Larry. Just a couple names I would name this if I had this stuffed animal! Why not? The long legs make it so different, that you have to give it a unique name.
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18. Koala & Baby Plush

Koala & Baby Plush
Mama and baby bear! The Koala version! The bond between a mom and child is one of the strongest in human existence. Don't forget it! Love you, mom! A teddy bear gift for a child that loves family!

19. Super Soft and Cuddly Bear

Super Soft and Cuddly Bear
I like how this bear looks a little scruffy. Remember in real life, bears live in the wild! The bowtie makes it so much more lovable. It looks like a kid that has some messy hair but is dressed in a suit. What a charming look!

20. Christmas Jazz Stuffed Teddy Bears 

Christmas Jazz Stuffed Teddy Bear
A Christmas bear playing the saxophone! If you are looking for Christmas decorations, you have stumbled on the right product. This is excellent to any Christmas house setting.

21. Toothpick Teddy Bear Stuffed Animal

Toothpick Teddy Bear Stuffed Animal
Toothpick Teddy! Kind of like Long Legged Larry, it has different look to it. I was a tall kid and so I can relate to having the long limbs. The big ears make this bear even better!

22. My First Teddy Baby Stuffed Animal

My First Teddy Baby Stuffed Animal
Looking for a baby shower gift? This teddy bear gift would be perfect to give. This is one of those items she could keep with her throughout her life. Never forget your first teddy!

23. Stuffed Animal Plush Panda Bear

Stuffed Animal Plush Panda Bear
The more pandas the better! Have you seen this panda video? Omg so funny!!! A bigger panda stuffed animal is the way to go. Getting all these stuffed teddy bears for your children may inspire them to help animals later in life!

24. Teddy Bear Memory Bear

Teddy Bear Memory Bear
These bears are memorial bears. Very sad, but a great way to keep a memory of someone. The way it works is you send the seller used clothing items that you want the teddy bear made out of and she creates these beautiful teddy bear memorials. So sad and yet so beautiful.

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