18 Fun Animal Halloween Costumes for Adults

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In this post, we gathered the best animal Halloween costume for adults from our website and around the web. If you don't know our website, we love animals! Tenacious Peacock is a site that sells all types of animal-themed items for people. There are animal costumes for men and women. 

Halloween is almost here and if you are a hardcore Halloween lover, you probably won't be figuring out your costume last minute. You may even have your costume picked out for the next few years. (I know some people who do that!) So, this list might not be a post for you this year, but it is could be great to get animal costume ideas for future Halloweens! This post of animal Halloween costumes is actually really great for the procrastinator. You may not be able to buy one of these costumes the day of (like some people I know), but you can get an outfit a week or two in advance.

We wanted to focus mostly on full body animal Halloween costumes that will be great for parties! These types of costumes are for those that like to be a little goofy and really want to go all out with their Halloween costume. By the end of the night, you may be tired of wearing your costume, but you will have had an amazing night with some great conversation starters.

Enjoy these animal Halloween costumes. 👻🎃🎃👻 Tell us which one you'd wear! 

FYI We tried not to add animal onesies because we feel animal onesies are a more relaxed kind of outfit. If you are interested in animal onesies, we have an animal onesie blog post and a big animal onesie collection available for you to check out. Also, there are animal head masks available on our website.  We feel the masks are much more creepy and not as sociable as the costumes below.

1. Riding Inflatable Dinosaur Costume

Riding Inflatable Dinosaur Costume

No drinking and riding! Hop on this dinosaur for a wild Halloween night. Be careful, it might be dangerously fun!

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2. Inflatable Hippo Costume

Inflatable Hippo Costume
Image source: Amazon
This costume looks like it could be a lot of fun! If you go out dancing on Halloween, this ensemble would be wild to bust some moves in and no one would know who you are! Everyone would say, "That hippo can really get down!"

3. Inflatable Bull Dog Biting Butt Halloween Costume

Inflatable Bull Dog Biting Butt Halloween Costume

Image source: Amazon

One of the funniest animal Halloween costumes for adults. It is so random! This will be a hit anywhere you go on Halloween night.  

Get it via Amazon

4. Squirrel Halloween Costume


Squirrel Halloween Costume

Image source: Amazon

I personally am not a huge fan of squirrels (they take all my bird feed), but this costume is cute. That tail looks super comfy. I wouldn't mind leaning back on that thing!

Get it via Amazon


5. Lightweight Penguin Costume

Lightweight Penguin Costume 

Image source: Amazon

A penguin with a bowtie. Need I say more? How cool is that! Comes with raving reviews also.

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6. Crazy Moose Novelty Costume Hat 

Crazy Moose Novelty Costume Hat

Image source: Amazon

This costume hat goes against the theme of this post but also does not really fit in with animal head masks. This moose hat would make a great addition to a body costume or if you like to keep it simple. Moose are awesome and so are people who wear moose hats!

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7. Panda Costume

Panda Costume

Image source: Amazon

Panda Panda Panda! Pandas are so adorable and you will look cute in this adult animal costume as well! How funny would be to see the panda taking a shot?

Get it via Amazon

8. Comical Cow Costume

Comical Cow Costume

Image source: Amazon

Got milk? Get into the Halloween moooood with this cow costume. Walking into the party with this ensemble is definitely going to turn heads and get people laughing. 

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9. Leopard Cat Halloween Costume

Leopard Cat Halloween Costume

Image source: Amazon

This is technically a onesie, but not the type you wear at home to be comfy curled up on the couch watching Netflix. This the cat costume where you dance all night long looking like a sexy cat woman!

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10. Giraffe Costume

Giraffe Costume
Image source: Amazon
You may end up being the tallest person in the party! People will be looking at your face then at your giraffe face, then at your face, then back at the giraffe face. 🤷🏼‍♀️😂😂


11. King Crab Costume

King Crab

Image source: Amazon

Might be hard to hold a drink, but it could be a bit wild with other people pouring drinks into your mouth. This also could be great to wear for your kids, they would love to see one of their parents as a crab! 

Get it via Amazon

12. Octopus Adult Costume

 Octopus Adult Costume

Image source: Amazon

Are you a hugger? This is the perfect costume give hugs in. Not just for men, this is a great women's animal Halloween costume also!

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13. Plush Bulldog Mascot Costume

Men's Plush Bulldog Mascot Costume

Image source: Amazon

Are you ready to go be the ambush a high school football game and pretend to be the school mascot? Well, this is a full-on mascot outfit and would be really crazy to wear on Halloween. Not practical for a Halloween party, but to go trick or treating with your kids, this is perfect.

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14. Pink Flamingo Costume for Adults

Pink Flamingo Adult Costume

Image source: Amazon

This outfit screams, 'Hey, I'm just here for a good time.' This will definitely be a conversation starter and it is not too complicated to take on and off. One of the top animal Halloween costumes for adults in my opinion.

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15. Sexy Monkey Costume

Sexy Monkey Costume

Image source: Amazon

Cute, easy and warm. What more could you ask for in an animal Halloween costume? Just don't let anyone pull your tail!

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16. Adult Funky Chicken Costume Set

Adult Funky Chicken Costume Set
Image source: Amazon
Get weird and funky with this chicken costume. Guaranteed you will be the only person in a chicken outfit on Halloween. Don't be normal, be a chicken!

17. Funny Inflatable Riding Unicorn Costume

Funny Inflatable Riding Unicorn Costume

Woah! Slow down, buddy. Ride through the Halloween party with this crazy costume. Imagine seeing someone with this on walking down the street!  

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18. Sexy Women's Cozy Bat Costume

Sexy Women's Cozy Bat Costume

Image source: Amazon

This costume is casual and cute. It's Halloween night and time for the bats to come out! This costume is casual and cute. You can stay warm and enjoy the party. 

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 Thanks for reading and let us know what you think below!
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