16 Animal Pool Floats for Kids and Adults

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It's mid-summer, it is hot, and if you are like me, then all you can think about is being at the beach or in the swimming pool. It is so much fun to lounge around or play at the pool with friends and family. What makes the pool, even more, fun are pool toys for water fights and floats! 

Giant inflatable pool toys are extremely fun to jump onto from the side of the pool. However, some of the items are a bit on the delicate side, which is why they are also great to lazily sit on sunbathing and have a cold (kid or adult) beverage. Who doesn't enjoy doing that?  

Floaties come in many different styles, some are plain round but there are more exciting floats available. We here at Tenacious Peacock especially love the animal pool floats. Not only do they serve the purposes listed above, but they make for amazing in Instagram photos, for those of you are social media savvy.  The giant inflatable unicorn and the pink flamingo are very popular this summer. Everyone seems to be posting colorful pool pictures on Instagram with these vibrant and unique animal floaties. I really don't see them going out of style anytime soon, but trends always do tend to change. If you are in love with animals like we are here at Tenacious Peacock you'll definitely need an animal pool float for this summer's fun.

For those of you that do not enjoy the sun and water, then maybe you know a kid or adult that does love the summer lifestyle. If that's so, then this is a great list for you to find gifts for those pool lovers who coincidingly happen to be animal lovers. We are positive that they will enjoy one of these.

We have collected some really cool animal floaties for both kids and adults from Tenacious Peacock, Amazon, and SHOPBOP that you need to check out. Enjoy! 


Inflatable Giant Flamingo Float - Price: $48.99 - Get it via TPUse “BLOG” for a 10% discount!


Giant Gator Float - Price: $13.53 - Get it via Amazon





Inflatable Shark Float for Babies - Price: $12.99 - Get it via TPUse “BLOG” for a 10% discount!

Mimosa Inc Peacock Inflatable Premium Quality Giant Size Pool Float

Giant Peacock Inflatable Pool Float - Price: $99.86 - Get it via Amazon

Inflatable Large Parrot Float - Price: $29.99 - Get it via Amazon

Large Inflatable Lobster Float - Price: $29.99 - Get it via Amazon


Inflatable Great White Shark Float - Price: $9.99 - Get it via Amazon

Inflatable Giant Swan Float - Price: $48.99 - Get it via TP Use “BLOG” for a 10% discount!

Inflatable Whale Pool Float - Price: $11.98 - Get it via Amazon

Inflatable Stingray Pool Float - Price: $ 10.93  - Get it via Amazon

Flamingo Inflatable Swim Ring Float
Kids Inflatable Flamingo Swim Ring Float - Price: $19.99 - Get it via TPUse “BLOG” for a 10% discount!

Inflatable Sea Turtle Pool Float - Price: $ 14.95 - Get it via Amazon

Giant Inflatable Unicorn Pool Float
Giant Inflatable Unicorn Pool Float - Price: $44.99 - Get it via TP - Use “BLOG” for a 10% discount!

Inflatable Dolphin Pool Float - Price: $ 8.95 - Get it via Amazon


Inflatable Moby Dick Raft - Price: $105.00 - Get it via SHOPBOP
Summer Inflatable Dog Pool Float - Price: $54.99 - Get it via TP - Use “BLOG” for a 10% discount!

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